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Speed up the approval of requests

Submit, Approve, Process

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Use Autopilot to manage these requests instead
and allow your clients to...

easily obtain the status of a request
keep track of who has approved requests
view all the documents for a request in one place
enforce consistent processes between employees

Automate these processes now:

  • Purchase Requisition Requests
    Manage your purchasing better by using electronic purchase requisition forms, and automated approvals from anywhere, using any device.
  • Supplier Invoice Payments
    Stop giving your suppliers a reason to delay their delivery. Streamline your supplier invoice payment process to ensure everyone gets paid on time.
  • Employee Leave Requests
    Don't let taking time off waste time. Allow your employees to submit and approve leave requests electronically.
  • Employee Training Requests
    Gives your employees the chance to submit training requests to better their skills, while managers can easily review the requests and easily forward it to the right person for booking.
  • Expense Claim Requests
    Control expense claims better by creating electronic expense claims forms, with your business rules and contraints built in.


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