Business Process Management System

Autopilot BPM has been uniquely designed to allow growing businesses to automate internal processes quickly and efficiently. The system allows you to send electronic forms from one person to another in a controlled fashion. No more lost forms, no more delayed requests. Just work that flows.

Autopilot Workflow Builder

Built to unite the data, the documentation,
the discussion
and the decision.

No more hunting for files via Recent Documents, piecing together what was discussed from your inbox and trawling through shared folders for supporting policies or assets. Everything related to a request is recorded and referenced in one place.

Form and workflow data

Designed to empower participants

Autopilot specifically brings guidance to the fore and enables you to highlight your process instructions, policies and support channels to help people act with clarity and confidence.

Easily guide users through tasks

Connected to the way you work.

Love to manage
from your mailbox?

Autopilot connects to your email, so you're always informed and able to act even if you're not actively busy in Autopilot.

Still need to put
pen to paper?

No problem. Autopilot-designed forms are print-ready, so you can capture consistently, on screen or on paper.

And even
more soon

With native apps, widgets and integrations in the product roadmap, there'll be even more ways to bring your business data to places you need it.

Mobile friendly forms

Why use Autopilot to automate your processes?

Easy to use software

Great to use

Simple enough to start.
More powerful as you progress.

Mobile friendly forms

Mobile ready

Works seamlessly across your devices to keep business flowing, wherever you are.

Secure forms


SSL encrypted data traffic. Automatic data backups. You own your data and can export everything.

Scalable to your needs


Web-based - never hassle with installs, downloads or upgrades. Pricing that scales up or down with your needs.


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