Value based pricing

Our pricing is linked to the measurable value we're adding to your business.

We know we are adding value to your business if your team’s activities are running reliably without hand-holding and you have a bird’s eye view of your organisation.

Our pricing is based on tasks completed per individual user, this ensures that what you pay is directly related to the value that Autopilot adds to your business.

Taking off

Users that are getting to grips with the system, or simply using Autopilot for ad-hoc processes such as leave requests.



per user, per month

for up to 20 tasks

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Users that are starting to use Autopilot daily, but are still working towards entirely automating their individual processes.



per user, per month

for up to 100 tasks per month

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Users that are really flying, completing at least a few tasks per day on Autopilot.



per user, per month

for more than 100 tasks per month

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